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Unconquerable Spirit

Welcome to my healing site!

I am so excited you've found it...

and that you're here!


This site is a work in progress…to continue to grow and change,  Just like me. But even though incomplete, it contains some fantastic thoughts and ideas of things I’ve learned that I am on a mission to share!

Ideas of Hope; physical, emotional, and spiritual things I've learned and have experienced that have worked for me

It is my greatest desire to help others and to show you ways to find peace in your personal journey.


Before I found these ideas I grew very numb in my life’s experiences and very literally stopped dreaming.  Then, despair, anxiety and debilitating depression seemed to naturally take over.

If you’ve ever felt like you just seem to go from one trial after another without a breath, I understand.  You see, 3 weeks after delivering my first baby, my husband, an accomplished rock climber, fell 75 feet. After 6 weeks in a coma, and 3 months in the hospital, he was a completely different person. Among his many injuries, which included severely broken ankles to the point they weren’t sure he would ever walk again, he suffered a traumatic brain injury in which his right frontal and temporal lobe‘s of his brain were completely destroyed. He was no longer the same person.  However, I felt I should endure, and did my best to survive this near impossible situation. After 17 more years and 3 more kids, I realized that I & my kids might not survive the mental, emotional and physical abuse and we divorced.  There is simply no way to accurately express the situation that I and my kids lived in for so long with him unless you’ve experienced someone with a severe TBI. (check out my book, Defining Moments--coming soon!)


Then, at 17, my oldest daughter began dating a boy with cancer that was in remission. When the cancer returned, and he was given 3 months to live, I met his dad through his passing. I knew our meeting was divine, I felt I knew him and was drawn to him. We married and together we raised our combined six kids.

In the beginning I believed I was living my fairytale, and in many ways I was, but as the years passed, his choices led him away from me and he desired not to continue our relationship. I never dreamed I would ever be divorced again.

However!  The lessons I have learned from these experiences have been invaluable to me.

And I have learned how to feel joy in my sadness, peace in my pain, and love for myself even when my heart was broken. I have learned that even in our struggles and our trials we can find peace and joy and recognize there is a bigger purpose for our lives.


Come with me on this journey to discover ideas of healing that can help you find your inner peace.

(I've just begun this website journey and I'm working on adding something every day so check back regularly or send me a text or email letting me know you're interested, and I'll let you know when I've got more content added!)


Hi! My name is Jennifer  and I'd love to share

with you, some of the best ways I've found to feel peaceful, calm, centered

and whole again,

even in life's chaos.

Why I am SO passionate about wellness and wholeness?

See, after living in these situations for over 30 years that have involved physical, emotional, psychological abuse, PTSD, and trauma, I came to realize I had gone without feeling well—without feeling WHOLE, for far too long.

So I've been on a very personal journey searching for real-life things that I have tried and tested on myself to help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even simple everyday feelings of 'yuck'.

I believe everyone has had some type of traumatic experience that has never truly left them. Often trauma even gets stuck within our body, becoming who we are and can even create dis-ease.

Are you ready to STOP feeling this?

If you are, you are in the right place and I'm SO excited to share what I've learned with you!

I believe health is wholeness, inclusive of 
mind, body, and spirit in which we overcome adversity and use it to create new growth.



You have an infinitely powerful mind with the ability to create anything you desire.  



The complete absence of fatigue

is physical health. 



The spirit heals with JOY!

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