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What if...

When was the last time

you felt truly calm, peaceful?

What if your heart stopped aching?

What if your smile felt natural again? 

What if you could think clearly again?


What if you could feel joy again?

What if you could feel WHOLE again? 


Hi! My name is Jennifer Bourne and I am here to tell you that it IS possible to feel whole, peaceful, calm and centered again. 


Why am I so passionate about wellness--



After living in situations for over 30 years that have involved a lot of abuse, PTSD, and trauma, I’ve come to realize I have gone without feeling well—without feeling WHOLE, for far too long. I believe most people have had traumatic experiences that have never truly left them. 

How do you effectively handle, deal with or heal from experiences that either completely blind side you suddenly or seep in slowly after years and years of experiencing a ’new normal’ daily?


One that just continued to decline over time and seemed beyond your ability to control or really change in a way that would make any difference?...

How I Can Help You

Health is a wholeness of 

mind, body and spirit to overcome every adversity and use it to create new growth. 

Water Treatment

Mental Wholeness

Whatever you can do,

or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic

in it. --Goethe


 You have an infinitely powerful mind with an ability to create anything you desire.  

Cliff Hiking

Physical Wholeness

The complete absence of fatigue

is  physical health.


Exercise is the key, not only

to physical health, but to peace of mind.  --Nelson Mandela 

Outdoor Meditation

Spiritual Wholeness

The spirit heals with JOY!


Spiritual health brings an inner peace and wholeness regardless of the turmoil around you.