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Physical Wholeness

It is exercise alone that supports the spirit and keeps the mind in vigor. --Cicero



I have learned so much about health and nutrition. But nothing has helped me as much physically as the Kyani products to keep me in optimal health.  

Because of our environment and farming practices throughout the world, our current produce is lower in nutrients than that grown in the past.


In fact, we need to eat 4-5  times as much nutrient rich foods to equal what was available for us just 40 years ago.

Kyani makes up that difference with products that are bio-available (or easily absorbed into the body) unlike other products that may look great on the outside, but the body has no idea what to do with them on the inside.

I'm almost 55, and they have allowed me to move easier, feel stronger physically, have more energy, they've strengthened my immune system (I have only been sick twice in over 4 years since I started using them!), and they have reduced my heart pain/arrhythmia so much that I rarely ever feel it anymore.


There are tens of thousands of incredible testimonials associated with these products for all different kinds of ailments being greatly reduced or even miraculously eliminated.

The physical part of this website wouldn't be complete without mention of them! Because when we feel good physically, it is much more likely the other areas of lives will be improved as well! 

I highly recommend them.


What is it? It's a workout experience unlike any you’ve experienced before:

A reconnection of mind, body and spirit!

















Our bodies are incredible. I believe they try so hard to protect us from our hectic and stress-filled lives. They store that energy within our bodies in places we can’t even see. Eventually pain is created from that stuck energy and causes us to stop and wonder where that migraine, backache or even disease came from.

Years ago, after I had been through a particularly difficult almost 2 decades of my life, I did a hip-opening exercise. Afterwards,


I was suddenly nauseous, emotional, and felt extreme fatigue.


I took a nap and quickly fell into a deep sleep. I woke 3 hours later as if I had been under anesthesia. 

I know that I experienced an emotional release from my hips where my body had retained a lot of trauma.

If I hadn’t experienced this, I would have doubted there was a way to release this stuck energy. I have seen it happen many times since in the students of dance and workout classes I have taught for over 35 years.


When we experience stress, or have a particularly traumatic experience, often our bodies will attempt to automatically protect us by working to dilute the feelings and stressful energy that the mind is not prepared to deal with by ‘putting’ it within our body into places that the energy can be ‘safely’ kept until it is safe to work though.

This class helps to find and work through this stuck energy.  It is designed to release that negative energy and tension from places we do not get the opportunity to pay attention to in everyday movement or other exercises.

It also tones areas not easily worked.

Be prepared to release negative energy, tension and tone yourself in a series of ballet inspired non-impact exercises that work nearly every muscle group in the body with a particular emphasis on a strong toned core, derriere, inner and outer thighs, and arms.

I have personally felt the incredible strength from developing a "team of muscles" to work for you--like your inner and outer thighs (what I like to call your couch potato muscles ;-) instead of just the top of your quads (your mister incredible muscles ;-) so that with this "team" your physical body is capable of SO MUCH more!

I'm confident you will feel the best workout of your life without the impact on knees, and other joints because this class is done completely down on the floor.


Last, you will feel the energizing effects of a series of stretching moves that release negative energy, tension, and stress in the mind and body, and will motivate and invigorate the soul!

At the end I have a relaxing meditation specifically designed for groundedness, being present, letting negative energy flow through you instead of getting stuck, and using creativity to dream about and see what you want in life.

When you leave, your mind, body and soul will be ready for anything you need to face... THIS is Total Toning-- THIS is a JOYFUL BODY!

I hope you will join me! 

Join Zoom Meeting

Monday and Thursday mornings 8-9:30MST



* Joyful Body videos (toning, stretching, barre/cardio, other)

* Wim Hof (more breathing, cold plunges) 

* Wonder Woman Stance, Amy Cuddy

* How do you play? (Brene Brown)

* Forrest Bathing

* Campfire stillness

* Health and eating (medical medium)

* Dry Brushing

The Body Keeps the Score (Bessel Van der Kolk)

* Movies 

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