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Emotional Wholeness

No matter what I do or do not do, I am enough. I am fearful and vulnerable at times, but it is also true that I am worthy of being loved unconditionally and that makes me enough. 

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It sounds so simple, right? But there is an actual science behind the effects of breathing on purpose,  It is reported that over a decade ago the defense department began advocating breathing and yoga for vets suffering from PTSD. Even the Navy SEALs use breath work to focus and calm before they go into battle.  (think about that for a minute... these people don't do things that don't work!) It has been found to bring focus, calm, and non-reactiveness. Breathing calms the nervous system, turns off fight or flight, turns on rest & digest. It is a fantastic way to combat depression and anxiety.  

Breathing is one of the only body functions that controls both the conscious (mind) and the autonomic nervous system (body), it is one of the most effective ways of dealing with traumatic stress.


Breathing first, then meditation

Meditation is fantastic, but how do you meditate if you can't calm your mind? I know from personal experience when my mind isn't at peace, it feels like trying to stop a freight train if I try to meditate first.  So, I want to mention breathing first, then offer meditation ideas.

But first, let's think about why we feel depression, anxiety, why we have these panic attacks in the first place. 

I believe it is grief that causes anxiety and depression 

When grief is not felt, it often comes out through panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. When we allow the feeling of grief to be felt through breathing, the anxiety dissipates.  

In an unspoken way, we are taught to suppress grief. Isn't it interesting how we express anger much more easily than grief? It is not as socially acceptable--especially for men. It's usually a sign of weakness or failure. It makes us feel uncomfortable. We usually are not taught how to help someone who is grieving. So we avoid them.  Then the person grieving feels isolated as well.   It’s so much better to simply state to someone grieving that "yes, it will hurt really bad for a while, and I won't go anywhere. I’m here. We will get through this together."

Some doors only open from the inside, breath is a way of accessing that door. --Max Strom


I believe Brene Brown says it best that when we practice empathy we are connecting to something inside us that knows that feeling. When we tell the person: "I know what it's like, and you're not alone." 

Empathy fuels connection which can  bring peace and healing from anxiety and depression


Problem is, most of us have some kind of unfelt grief and don't feel comfortable being that vulnerable. It's easier to be angry (or connect through the anger we have in common about something) than to show true empathy and feel WITH someone.

There are many different breathing techniques out there, but the one that made the biggest difference for me is from Wim Hof.    

When I was going through my second divorce and didn't want to see what was really happening, his breathing technique cleared my mind from the chaos that seemed to naturally creep in each day. I did it every morning. (and sometimes even in the middle of the night.) It brought me a clarity, focus, and a deep peace and stillness inside from doing the technique described in the link below. 

Wim Hof is one of those genius people, doing their genius work. He is a very intense person, so don't be thrown off by his passion for what he describes. It really works.     





“There is no connection without vulnerability.”—Brene Brown


And without connection, we suffer.


How do you know if your child or student is suffering from depression, anxiety or even suicidal ideation enough to need help?

You really don’t sometimes.

And that’s the problem.

But if you’ve lost someone to suicide you understand. More often, you don’t really see it coming.

I have lost two close friends to suicide.

If you’ve suffered from one or all of these, you get it.

I have.

That’s why I’ve created this seminar presentation; to talk about, create awareness of, and individually impress upon each child, adult or student their worth, build self-confidence, recognize the importance of their thoughts and help them feel deeply loved.

It also increases trust, friendships, and feelings of inclusion amongst families, friends, groups, teams or companies.

I’ve had students come up to me years later and thank me for this presentation.

I simply LOVE seeing the joy of recognition and understanding in the faces of the kids and even adults I’ve had the privilege of sharing this with.

I would love the opportunity to share this with you and your family, children, group, or workplace.♥️

I believe when we feel valued, seen and heard, we can look at life through a new lense of self-love and confidence. 

I'm so excited about sharing this presentation with you and your group. It helps create mentally and emotionally strong individuals so they will feel acceptance and experience bonding as a family, group, or class, and creates lasting friendships and indelible personal impressions.

I've shared this presentation for many groups for various purposes and activities including Pioneer High School for Performing Arts (where I worked as a ballet teacher for 6 years), dance studios, at motivational seminars, for church groups, and others.


It is highly effective and unlike anything I have ever heard of or done before. 


It brings individuals closer together, improves their confidence, self-worth, and promotes a greater understanding of making attainable goals.  It helps them have a greater awareness of their thoughts and the negative beliefs and limitations we all consistently think about on a daily basis. 

As the world continuously grows more cynical, dangerous and dark, the power of our thoughts, what we choose to feed our minds with, and what we believe about ourselves is EXTREMELY powerful.


The unique interactive way this presentation is offered provides enduring and long-standing impressions of personal confidence, inclusion and joy that will be indelibly remembered. 

What others have said:

"The day Jennifer gave her presentation to my daughter’s class is a day that will not be forgotten for a very long time, if ever. I don’t know if I can give the presentation the true honor it deserves but I will try for it is truly something that I feel needs to be seen to fully receive it’s true value. When my daughter arrived home from school she was nearly in tears. She assured us all was ok but was practically speechless and when she told us about the presentation my husband I were in tears. I will tell you a little about the presentation. All of the girls in the class at a point in the presentation faced the mirror. They were told to write a word or two describing themselves, their emotions, etc. The words could be positive or negative. The girls took turns with their eyes closed facing the mirror while the class members went up one by one behind the individual and whispered compliments/positive thoughts or feelings about that person. Lastly, after each class member had a turn Jennifer quietly whispered to the individual. Needless to say, it was transforming for our daughter.  No one knows who wrote what. But seeing how others described her after years of bullying and heartache had a very powerful effect on our daughter. She has blossomed and talks about the presentation frequently.  


I only described a very small portion of a very powerful message. I personally feel that the presentation and message that Jennifer delivers would be a very uniting and beneficial message to any type of sports team, religious group, even for companies of any age from young adult to old. Sometimes you wonder what effect you have on people, and sadly people forget how crushing negative words alone can be. In a world full of hate and violence it is reassuring and uplifting to know that there is still a message of love, kindness, hope, and a message that carries the power to change and be everlasting. I know for my daughter and our family it had an effect that is absolutely amazing."


Shelley R.

Contact me for more information.


MEDITATIONS (for relaxation, grounded, sharing pain with Christ, motivation, seeing what you want, releasing a spin, releasing anxiety, healing, positivity, accepting change, holding your younger self)



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