Emotional Wholeness

No matter what I do or do not do, I am enough. I am fearful and vulnerable at times, but it is also true that I am worthy of being loved unconditionally and that makes me enough. 


Because we are all at risk now days for suicide and depression, I created a 2-hour seminar for any age group that reinforces self-worth, purpose, and how to embrace life with joy.

I believe when we feel valued, seen and heard, we can look at life through a new lense of self-love and confidence. 

This is a program I'm so excited about sharing with you and your group. This program helps create mentally and emotionally strong individuals so they will feel accepted, bond as a group, or class, and create lasting friendships so you can more easily develop people! 

I've shared this presentation for many groups for various purposes and activities including Pioneer High School for Performing Arts (where I worked as a ballet teacher for 6 years), dance studios, at motivational seminars, for church groups, and others. It has been highly effective and unlike anything I have ever heard of or done before.  It brings individuals closer together, improves their confidence and self-worth, promotes a greater understanding of making attainable goals, and makes them more aware of the negative beliefs and limitations that we all think on a daily basis. It is especially powerful for the youth although this presentation is designed for and effective with all ages.

I have received extremely positive responses from kids and adults alike about how this presentation inspired and changed their lives. 

As the world continuously grows more cynical, dangerous and dark, the power of our thoughts, what we choose to feed our minds with, and what we believe about ourselves is EXTREMELY powerful. The unique way this presentation is offered, provides enduring and long-standing impressions of personal confidence and joy that will be indelibly remembered. 

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