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Whatever you can do,

or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic

in it. --Goethe

Trauma often becomes accepted over time and it actually becomes part of our physical body. (Thus, dis-ease) Since we were never taught, or do not understand how to immediately shift a negative or traumatic experience when it is first recognized (or especially after years of it unknowingly seeping into us), this trauma experience(s) becomes accepted into the very cells of our bodies and becomes physically part of us.

It is connected unknowingly as part of our sub-conscious, which

determines our responses to every situation or circumstance in

our lives. Thus, we begin identifying with things we would never

knowingly accept if we were consciously aware of the harmful

consequences to our mental and physical health. 


A choice?

Sounds simple, right? But who has been able to think 'hey, I know I just received the most awful news I could possibly imagine, but I’m going to CHOOSE to just ignore this and find my happy Disney place.”'Or, 'I've been living in hell for so many years I don't even know how to find my way out'. 

NO. Feelings are there now, and will yet be created that we MUST FEEL.


These negative patterns become habits of being that literally get stuck within our bodies, creating new thoughts and habits of being, preventing us from feeling, from dreaming, from hoping. They prevent us from being the person we always imagined we would be. 

I think we all grow up with a certain thought or two of what we want or do not want out of life or at least an idea of the direction we think our life will go.

Many of us find ourselves in life down the road so to speak with pretty much what we imagined. But others like myself, find life has given us so many twists and turns that we find we have fallen off many cliffs and into a place completely unrecognizably broken that we can’t even begin to remember what we ever thought our lives might bring, much less remember who we ever were when we had those ideas in the first place.

Then a picture, song or person reminds us of the person we remember deep in the echoes of our hearts; playing, daydreaming, free, and filled with anticipation and excitement about the possibilities of life and honestly, we secretly know we are somehow still that person, down deep hidden somewhere.

We find ourselves either waiting for that ‘other side’ of us to come back, to be able to not only remember our hopes and dreams, but to more openly enjoy the moments of our life and loved ones, or we find we have completely forgotten ourselves and have fallen into some dark, deep hole where we cannot see any light whatsoever. 


If you’re reading this, I believe you have been guided here.

There IS hope.
Not just hope of being happy someday, somehow, but hope of resonating with JOY and WHOLENESS in a way that it becomes you… part of your very soul, integrated into your mind AND body.  

It is a process of becoming. And yes, it takes time. It takes imperceptible 'drops' in the right direction. But just like it took time to get to where you are now, it takes time to get back to certain WHOLENESS and JOY. 

But it is a wonderful journey! And it is my hope you will find realistic tools here which will help you to not only get through the moment, but keep your perspective grounded, even consistently rooted in JOY and WHOLENESS --even within daily adversities.

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