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Why you're worth it, especially if you think you're not.

Updated: May 9, 2022

How many times have you been convinced (by someone else or even by yourself) not to do something for fear of failure or not being enough?

The adversary --Satan, the biggest bully there ever was, knows us.

He remembers. We do not.

But whenever we get the idea to do something good, there's sure to follow the voice in our hearts that tells us how we can't, why we shouldn't, or all the reasons why not.

BUT! It is NOT even our voice!

More often than not, it is the voice of that big bully using one of his tools to stop us from doing something that would surely make his job much harder if we just did it.

The very fact that we are 'hearing' all the reasons we can't, is the proof that we not only CAN do it, but that we are going to be GREAT at it and change not only our life for the better, but most likely many others!

Go for it! ESPECIALLY when you 'hear' all the reasons why you can't. ;-)


“All the reasons why you think you can't are the very ones why you CAN ...and the adversary knows it. He will stop at nothing to stop anything good.” -Jennifer
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