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Spiritual Wellness

The Spirit speaks to us through feelings, that's why the adversary doesn't want us to feel. He would have us be constantly busy, numbed by anxiousness, depression, and worry. 

But when we take just a moment every day to be still and listen, really listen... oh the things you can hear!


I don't watch much t.v.  But I really love to watch Jonna Jinton on YouTube.  She has a very inspiring vlog about her life in northern Sweden living in the forest.  Her childlike creativity and talent in painting, creating jewelry, singing, recording the sound of the ice freezing on the lake, photography and cinematography, and so many other beautiful things are so inspiring for me!  

But it is her intense love of nature that I love the most.


The way she gains her inspiration from the land and water is intoxicating to me. 

She comes alive through things like the smell of dark, pungent soil in the spring, feeling the sun on her face after a long dark winter, touching the velvet moss or leaves, walking without shoes on the damp earth, the smell of the rain or throwing snow in the air, drinking the birch sap and picking berries, making syrup, and plunging into the freezing lake after cutting out a hole in the ice, etc.  She creates such feelings of gratefulness, peace and beauty!

I have to admit that sometimes I cry because I love it so much and I long to live as she does--IN nature every day. 

As I was thinking of how, in my own way, I could generate a similar peaceful calm from nature as her work does, I was inspired with doing these Hymn Videos first. I promise I will have more content similar to these to come!

I hope you will enjoy them and if you do, please consider liking my YouTube channel ;-)

Here are the videos I've done so far:

Forest Bathing


No, Forest Bathing has nothing to do with water. ;-)

I always wondered why I felt so much better in the mountains, or simply around the trees. 

Forest Bathing is about connecting to nature as a way to ground the body, relieve anxiety, depression, boost energy and even heal.

See, In 1982 Japan launched a national health programme called Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing.

It simply means spending more time around trees.

No workouts, no technology, with nothing to do but be in the moment in quiet contemplation around trees, looking, listening, and smelling.

But it's not just about fresh air.

Trees emit oils that protect themselves from germs and insects. These oils, called phytoncides, actually help our immune systems. The studies found that forests lower our heart and blood pressure and reduce stress hormones, thus preventing illness.

It's absolutely rooted in science but even if it were not, I would still find myself in the trees as often as possible because of the way they make me feel.


* MEDITATIONS: Pain & Christ, Hearing Him, Quiet mind, Connection to heaven, Trusting God

* Joyful Heart thoughts

* Wim Hof breathing as a quiet mind to hear God

* How does it make you FEEL?

* Movies, Music

* Daily Connection to Heaven

* God is love (He never leaves us alone, and how you can know it)

* How people on 'the other side' helped me

* Personal Scripture (Patriarchal blessings and getting the most out of them)

* What God speaks to you and how to write it down




I am a certified Joyful Heart Mindset Mentor.


What is that, you might ask? 

Well first, let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen a child giggling out of control at a simple thing like a funny sound or a parent playing peek-a-boo? It delights our hearts to see such unabashed joy. 


When was the last time you felt that kind of joy or any kind of joy for that matter?

Do you feel like you go from one day to the next simply trying to cope? 

Do you find yourself so caught up in the complexities of life that you don’t even know what joy looks like for you, let alone how to “choose” it? 

Are the responsibilities of home, family, and/or career causing you to feel drained?

Do you respond to highly charged emotional situations in ways that you later regret? 


If this sounds all too familiar and you desire to feel more joy in your life…. Joyful Heart Mastery might be the answer. 


A number of years ago when I took my first Joyful Heart class, I knew I needed more joy. I had no clue how to truly feel happiness and it answered so many questions for me in my life. It literally changed everything for me. This is why I became a mentor. 

A mentor is someone who has 'been there'. They do not coach from the sidelines and tell someone what to do, they don't simply show how to do it, but instead, because they've experienced it already, they understand. They work with you to find the answer, they ask the right questions so that you can know for yourself what's best. 

It is my greatest desire to walk with you in finding your peace, direction, and fully experience joy the way it was designed to be felt.

This is how I choose to spread God's light and fight against the darkness of Satan. In these last days of uncertainty and confusion, I have experienced Satan battling harder than ever to stop anyone who would choose the right in any way.

Come with me where we will spend 12 weeks together learning, exploring, and growing through specifically designed tools that will not only change your life but the lives of those most precious to you.


You will learn how to combat the tactics of Satan so that you can thrive and feel peace and direction for whatever comes in the future.


Before I understood these tools, I grew very numb in my life’s experiences and very literally stopped dreaming.  Then, despair, anxiety and debilitating depression seemed to naturally take over.

I invite you to come with me on this journey and learn how to recognize and ignore Satan’s lies, to understand that God wants what I want, and that my happiness is his greatest desire. But most importantly how to hear God and how to feel, and connect with Him. To wholeheartedly, recognize His unconquerable love for you, and to truly feel your infinite, divine worth!

We have no need to lose hope or fear!

It is my hope that through the tools we will learn in this course together, and the bonds we forge together, we will strengthen the army of God, that you will be equipped with a new sense of worth, and above all fully embrace joy... no matter what the circumstances may bring!


I know the reason why I am where I am in my life right now is because of this.


It has brought me to a place I never would have been. I am safer physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I see things I couldn’t see before. It has been priceless to learn how to be closer to the spirit and receive the peace and direction that comes from it. I found a strength and confidence I didn’t know I possessed. And although I’ve gone through a lot and possessed a lot of strength in the past, there is a peace and clarity that I now feel in being able to see things I didn’t know that I didn't know.

I really feel this is what I am here to do.

Through this experience you will learn how to:

  • To be aware of and honor all your emotions in a safe and healthy way

  • To recognize the little daily joys in your life

  • To overcome beliefs that get in the way of feeling joy

  • To choose to feel the emotions you desire

  • To reframe past experiences to help you heal

  • To recognize emotionally charged spins before they get out of hand and how to best handle them.

  • To develop a deeper connection with God, yourself, and others


There are many great Joyful Heart Mentors, and they all have been highly trained to walk with you through the process of learning these tools, and bringing you to a place where joy is a daily experience.  


Yes, daily joy really is possible! 

I invite you to come with me on this journey to a new level of JOY!


"I have been greatly blessed by Joyful Heart Mastery classes more than I had imagined I would be. It has changed my perspective and belief patterns so much. I almost can’t describe it fully here, but the peace I have learned to feel and be part of me, has changed me in a lot of ways. It’s a calm that I needed at a turning point in my life, due to a lot of changes occurring in my family life, as well as close relationships. The tools Jen, my mentor, has instilled in me to use, have been break through for me. My heart needed this, and I had no idea how much until I went through this program. Jennifer has been a huge part of all of it, as my mentor she’s been there for me through some major hurdles. I love her calming spirit. Her gratitude for life and living, and how she emulates so much love from God and His creations. She’s taught me through small and simple steps to learn to feel joy, and how this can be more powerful than any dark influence. It shines so much brighter. She’s a rock solid example of endurance and faith. I love her transparency and knowledge of how really hard our lives are. I just love her so much. I had no idea how much I needed this class.  I can see how it will stay with me each and every day going forward, and how valuable these tools I have learned are. It’s been a great gift to my soul. To have my heart and my mind and my eyes pointed towards truths I’ve always known, but wasn’t able to find and learn on my own, has been a huge blessing to me. Thank you Joyful Heart Mastery, and Jennifer Bourne."

--Amy F.

"Jennifer Bourne is a wonderful joyful heart mentor! I had no idea what that was when I met her! She explained what it was and because of her enthusiasm for it, and the things that I was going through in my life I thought that it would be very helpful! She never failed to impress through the 12 weeks of the class! She  always had plenty of vigor and joy in her lessons. She always was very knowledgeable and had plenty of experience and stories to share to help us all open up! I will always be thankful for the tools that she taught me  in this class!" 

--Vaughn P.

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